Talent Search and Recruiting

Recruiting for regular IT skills and special talents require different approaches. We can help you in both the areas. We have access to all major talent search tools and databases to find the best resources for you. While key word search is the only form of filtering applied by most recruiters, we go the length of understanding how an applicant has transformed over time to evaluate his or her adaptability, aptitude and attitude. At certain times it is possible that a resource with the exact skillset or technology is readily available, we also look for available candidates with skills in comparable technologies who may be able to perform just as well with the specific technology you are looking for.

Talent Search Engagement Models

1. Temporary Staff Augmentation

If you only need a resource for a short period, we can contract out one of our resources to work for you either at your location or from our locations. We can work on models of hourly costs, monthly fixed cost and annual fixed cost for temporary staff augmentation.

2. Permanent Placements

If you need a permanent resource who will become a part of your team, we can find the right resource for you for a fixed fee or a small percentage of the annual salary. We will gladly offer a replacement resource for no additional fee if a replacement is required within 90 days.